Custom Laser Cutting & Engraving


Dimensions *

Specify the largest dimension of your order. For example, for a 4″ x 5″ request, you would specify 5″. For requests above 7″, please contact me for a quote

Material *

Custom Cut

Please upload an image of the outline that you wish to be cut out all the way through the wood (NOT engraved).

*If nothing is specified, a rectangle that fits your image will be cut.

Custom Engraving

Please upload an image of what you wish to engrave. The best designs to engrave are black and white images with clearly defined lines. “Vector,” “Black and White,” and “Drawing” are good keywords to include in your image searches.

*Photos do not engrave well and require additional processing and charge, please contact me for details.
**If nothing is specified here, only the specified “Custom Cut” above will be cut.

Custom Text

Just want a simple, affordable text design? This option is great for personalized greeting cards!
Simply fill out the desired text, and in the second box specify the size, font, position, and even if you would like the letters to be completely cut out! If no cut is specified, I will assume the request is to be engraved.


Cut and engrave whatever you like! Great for gifts or DIY projects. Simply upload the desired image with a description of what parts you would like to cut and/or engrave.

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