DIY Etched/Frosted Glass

Really simple DIY project that yields a very professional, personalized result. Makes great gifts! This is the first video shot in my new “studio.”

Gift for a Homebrewer

I have a buddy that likes to homebrew, so I made him this stir plate for making a yeast starter for his birthday (which happens to fall on NYE!).

Yeast initially require plenty of oxygen for the cells to become healthy and multiply in number, so a “starter” is made which is composed of a sugar solution and a pitch of yeast constantly being aerated by the stir plate.

A laser cut box encloses a PC fan with magnets attached on top. A stir bar (plastic coated magnet) is inside the flask and is spun via the magnetic pull of the spinning magnets below.


Welcome to Neon Penguin Labs! I started this site because of the immense interest generated with the ring proposal box I made for my fiancee. Here you can follow along as I create my projects, and purchase them for yourself or loved ones!

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If you are interested in seeing the hard work that went into making this box, watch the build process!

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