Welcome to Neon Penguin Labs! I started this site because of the immense interest generated with the ring proposal box I made for my fiancee. Here you can follow along as I create my projects, and purchase them for yourself or loved ones!

If you are intersted in purchasing a similar custom box for yourself, please take a look at my online store!

If you are interested in seeing the hard work that went into making this box, watch the build process!

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  1. I just saw the box you made for your wife on a show “Right this Minute”, and was amazed at the box you made for your proposal. Can you replicate that exactly? I couldn’t believe how perfect that says a whole lot about us. I just recently got her an early Christmas gift of two kittens that she loves. I was trying to propose to her on Valentine’s Day this year. Can you please get back to me if this is a possibility? Thank you!

    • Also, the only thing I want to change if this was possible would to replace the penguin with something better fits me. Again, nice work, very impressive!

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